Stacks3 Meta tags

For my education… When using various stacks with Stacks3 what are the generated meta tags for? See example below as found in my html. I suspect for notation only? (providing in the html the stacks used and their versions… perhaps for debugging and such?)

I like them, they tell me exactly what you have on your page when doing support. I can tell if you have the stack on the page, what version etc.

These meta tags are mostly to help people know what components were used to generate a page. However some users feel that the extra few bytes is a distraction or too much of a slow-down for their page. You can enable/disable these tags in the HTML settings in the Stacks Preferences.


Thanks for the detail @Isaiah… I appreciate the info very much.

Consider, @1611mac, that if you’re having an issue and post the url for help, it’d be a good idea for you turn that back on so support people can see what addons you’re using (so we can check for known conflicts and incompatibilities OR make note of new ones that need fixing).