Listing stacks used in RW by page and listing pages where stack appears

I use a lot of stacks in my website. I’d like to know what stacks I’m actually using and, more importantly, where they are deployed. Currently, the only way to do this is by reviewing each page one by one.

For instance, a PAGE LISTING would look like this:
Contact page: text, scroll, warehouse image, formsnap base, 2columns, file upload, locker, simple divider, production, resp2column…etc.

A STACK LIST would look like this:
Production Stack: home, studio, exhibitions, studio_documents…etc.

I was wondering if there was a stack or plugin that could list all the stacks being used in a website by page and, additionally, list all the pages using a specific stack?


I agree that would be very helpful, but nothing exists that I am aware of.

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It would be really a great added value!!

If you view the published page’s code (right click>view code) then every stack used will be listed in the metadata near the top of the page.

Only old stacks won’t do this as it was introduced as a requirement in in or around Stacks 3.5.

This also means that if you’re curious about someone elses site you can see what stacks they used.

That’s a fine work-a-round but that works only for one page and after you publish. I would prefer something like SiteMap Plus only for plugins as well as a listing in the page library window during website building. That would be convienent.

The meta tags I believe can be turned on or off in stacks settings, so it doesn’t always work.
To my knowledge, there’s no Foolproof way currently to get what you’re looking for.
This request would probably be best to put on the stacks slack channel.

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Thank you. I will do so.

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