"Sticky" page banner


I’ve just started experimenting with Magellan, no problems so far.

What I’d like to do though is have a page banner at the top of the page, which scrolls with the rest of the Magellan stack (above the scrolling menu bar).

Is this possible?



It is possible with MagicGellan. There are lots of options for fixed, sticky, floating etc. In addition you have a many more styling options. There are lots of example layouts on the demo site.
What is more - you don’t even need to enter all the marker id’s in html. MagicGellan will detect the id’s automatically and create the menu for you. There are lots of MagicGellan experts over on G+ who will be happy to help as well.

Hi Tav,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve downloaded and installed MagicGellan, and for my purposes it doesn’t do anything all that different to Magellan.

However, BWD’s Sticky Grummage looks as if it’ll do the trick. Here’s hoping.


Sorry, I obviously misunderstood your question then. I’m still not sure what you mean but if you can make sticky grummage work for it - all good. If not let me know a few more details - almost anything is possible.

Hi Tav,

Sticky Grummage kind of works. What I can’t fathom out (and I know that this sounds stupid) is to get a none transparent / solid white background in a .png. I’ve got a logo to use as a page banner as a .png with a white background, which I’ve added to Grummage and that works OK. However as soon as you start scrolling down, the text goes behind the .png logo and shows through, almost as if it’s transparent. Is there a way around this?

I’ve not uploaded the site yet as it’s work in progress.

Hi Mike,
Firstly, if you want an image with a solid white background then simply use a JPG - the file size will be much smaller than a PNG.
Without seeing your setup it is very difficult to tell but (if your image is a solid color) it sounds like the text is actually infront of the image. This can happen with fixed position images.
What I don’t understand is how you are using sticky grummage in the context of a page banner though; its purpose is to stick contents in adjacent columns so how this relates to a banner is confusing me.
If you want a fixed banner you can use a variety of methods - one of which is my free Pin stack. I may however have got the wrong end of the stick so why don’t you send me a simple example page in a RW6 file with what you are trying to achieve as you have it now. I’m sure that I can sort it out for you in short order. Just drop an email to support at bigwhiteduck dot com.

Hi Tav,

I’ve tried solid background jpg’s and png’s and the backgrounds for some reason are treated by MagicGellan as transparent for some reason. At the moment I’ve got no examples to email you, but am having a re-think about my site.
Thanks for the help though and shall give the Pin stack a whirl.


MagicGellan cannot alter the transparency of an image in another div, it sounds like a z-index issue to me. If you could even point me to a site with a similar layout somewhere I may get a better handle on what you are trying to achieve. It will be possible, I’m sure.

Hi Tav,

I’m going back to the drawing board on this one. A complete re-vamp of my site, so banners will change (and hopefully become solid). Gaining inspiration from this:

Which is on your site gallery page.

Thanks so much for your help. It’s much appreciated.

That site is one of Gary Naylor’s creations. If you contact him on the G+ community he will, I’m sure, be happy to offer advice. He is somewhat of a Sections and Magicgellan expert too after much beta testing if them :slight_smile:

I’ll ping him an email. Thanks tav.