Sticky Vertical Menu in Foundry anyone?

Anyone know if you can make a sticky, vertical sidebar menu out of the box with Foundry? Or if not a good stack for doing the same and work with Foundry?

I’m looking at something similar to the menu in Michael David’s Paramount theme or Will Woodgate’s Tornado theme but would quite like to try out Foundry on my next project.

I don’t know about Foundry options but Big White Duck’s new Sidebar stack in their new Blueprint set of stacks that is very easy to use?

This definitely works in Foundry as he has a Foundry project file

Have a look at the Foundry Glide stack at - This may be what you want.

Isn’t that a singe page website menu though?

Thanks - so the idea here is you put a vertical menu in this sidebar container and, as the container has a sticky option (I assume) the menu becmes sticky within it?

Yep, that’s correct. I’ve only used it pretty superficially so far so I’m sure that it does a lot more than I’ve managed but I think it should do what you want.

Free to try out anyway and, if you like it, easy to donate to BWD.

Edit: I’m going off memory here because I am not at my RW computer but, I may have had to put a ‘Pin’ stack into the side column to get it to become sticky).

@tav could tell you for sure.

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LJ: There are a few great vertical sidebar menu options. I particularly like one by 1 Little Designer called Side Menu.

But … Foundry has 3 menu nav schemes built in: traditional, a very nice Nav Overlay stack (great for Mobile devices), and … Slide Navigation! Just what you want.

Slide Navigation has a number of different options so you’d need to explore them. But I would start with it and would only get another product if there’s some very specific styling option you can’t accomplish. But bottom line: what you want is built into Foundry.

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Then you could try the Foundry List Group stack - to link to other pages.

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