Still no software after purchase

I purchased RapidWeaver 8 yesterday afternoon and have not received ANYTHING! No email confirmation, no software download link, no license key, no acknowledgement what so ever!! No response from support…nothing! But my credit card was charged! You call this service? I expect a software company to deliver it’s product. What should I do…other than slam you on social media?

Have you checked your spam folder in case it went there?

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A possible typo in your e-mail address? It happend to me :weary: contact the guys @Realmac @dan I’m shure they will sort it.

Yes! Nothing!

A typo is possible, but I have not received any response from support at my correct email address. I will leave a message @dan.

Thank you

So, how do i reach @dan! I get to the forum page but how do i leave a message for him?

When you mention someone by username (@dan), they will get a notification that you’ve mentioned them.

It sometimes speeds up responses, but it is the weekend so I’m not sure if he’ll respond before Monday.

Hi @Carm5450!

I was able to find your order and correct the mistyped email.

You should be receiving your order emails shortly.

Have a great weekend!

Quite sure @Carm5450 it’s just an honest mistake with a real explanation

I just had the same thing happen to me:
Has anyone bought from #yuzoolthemes lately

It’s most likely the email in your junk / spam folder or a deli every issue with email typo

But as soon as Dan sees this he’ll send it to you straight away!

I’m so sorry when this kind of thing happens but it does and the sellers are hard working humans who will rectify as soon as they see it :+1: It’s Saturday so might be a slight delay …

In the meantime you can start building with the trial and then insert the license key once it arrives


Thank you so much for your attention to this. After it was suggested here in the forum that perhaps it was an email typo, to find out that indeed was the case, I want to sincerely apologize for that. I really appreciate this being handled today.

Thanks again for your help…and friendly handling of my typing error and embarrassingly wrongful indignation.


Yes, it was a typo and a stupid error on my part, but it was handled and corrected today in a very friendly manner by Aaron at Realmac, and I much appreciate how courteous it was handled despite my stupidity. :slight_smile:


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