Storing a Stack?

What’s the best way of storing a stack? I’ve spent quite a while preparing a Paysnap Stack but need to remove it from the page. I’d like to store it in case I need it in the future.


Copy paste it to a new hidden stacks page, or into a separate project.


Or Joe Workman has a free Locker stack which will prevent it from publishing.

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Thanks for the replies.

“Copy paste it to a new hidden stacks page, or into a separate project.”

Wouldn’t this be a bit untidy code wise? Slow the site or cause some sort of conflict?


Rob’s locker suggestions works (as it won’t get published). If you put it on a hidden page and mark it as Draft, it won’t get published, but will be available in your project file if you need it. Shouldn’t cause any impact in coding or site speed or conflicts.

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Locker works great.


I use Locker. The only thing I would note is that it will prevent any of the content that would normally be displayed in the stacks page from being displayed. However, it will not prevent any js , css, or other files from being published.

This took me a long time to realize when I was troubleshooting some JS errors.

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This is how I do it–just check the “Draft” box. My understanding is that keeping a page local, not on the server, is its main purpose. Haven’t used Locker for a long time, but I thought that was mainly for keeping sections of a page hidden.

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