Strange RefinedSlider2 issue?

I don’t get it anymore … (I do use stacks3)
Having regard to the RefinedSlider2 requiring that all inserted images have to replaced that’s what I’m currently doing, since every images serie stopped after the 2 first images in the previous version.
Now I’ve mostly used the stack-images from most older RW indexpages (since all images are spread all over several disks, I’ve uploaded every single image with a new name via a link warehouse and everything seems ok in preview and also online until I do reopen the RW sandwich and then I see that several pages do have one and the same content of images for various pages !!! So the images don’t match in the index file but they still seems to be ok in my RW preview as well as online?
In preview I still see the right image but in the index file content I see images of another page !?

this is my site : site

Try checking the file names in the image inspector to make sure the images have unique file names. After the bug fix in Stacks which fixed the image file name bug, I noticed similar behavior in some stacks and it was fixed by making sure the images had unique file names.

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Thanks but that’s what I did. I’ve changed all stack names into a new name I can link to the subject of each page otherwise it’s rather a mess after a while…
In the site online I’ve began upstairs in my RW sandwich menu so those after the reportages still need to be updated.

Just to clarify I mean the images’ file names, not the stack names, i.e. Your_image_1.jpg, etc. Also may be worth deleting an image that isn’t working and re-adding it to refined slider, and making sure the image file names do not have special characters or spaces.

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I’ve been passing hours with overwriting all those version 1 RfS images by now and I really don’t want to do it all over again. The site seems to be ok online - so what I get in the sandwich afterwards is (at this moment) less important. Thanks anyway for following this item. I’ve renamed most of the images I think , did put them beside and then uploaded them to my server so I think I did already the right thing. Still busy updating some pages now but almost done…
Still have a few other sites to do. Glad I’ve refused doing sites over a good year by now and the actual once I wait until there are changes to be done…

Just seeing in the first 2 pages I didn’t rename them (ex stacks_image_2851.jpg) so probably you’re right about the renaming !

different versions of the site on several disks and all the images or files do have the same name !!!

so the strange problem seems to be solved and even better we do have the solution.