Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Hi, has anyone heard if Foreground are planning an upgrade of Rapidcart Pro to handle Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for taking payments via Stripe? I think the deadline is just over 1 month away.


Something I would like to know too.

According to the discussion over here, RapidCart Pro is ready for SCA.

Perhaps check that you have all the latest updates applied for these addons and you are running the most recent versions?


Thanks Will!

I have just received a direct email from Roberto at Foreground stating that RapidCart Pro is NOT currently SCA-ready. He assures me however that it will be by the deadline set by Stripe.

I also received a news update from Stripe which in summary is stating that the UK regulator has granted an 18 month phase-in period, however for those taking payments from EU banks the 14th September 2019 deadline still applies. The full email from Stripe is below.

We wanted to send you a quick update on the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements being introduced in Europe next month.

Earlier this week, the UK regulator granted an 18 month phase-in period to give banks and businesses more time to prepare for these new requirements. As a result, we don’t expect banks to fully require SCA for payments from UK cards until March 2021.

Our information shows that 100% of your yearly payments volume is from UK cardholders. We still recommend updating your payments flow as early as possible to help avoid an increase in declines from other European cards, or in case of an early enforcement by select banks.

Our new payments APIs and other SCA-ready solutions are designed to take this uncertainty into account. If you update your integration to the new solutions ahead of 14 September 2019, our APIs won’t trigger authentication unless required by the cardholder’s bank. Similarly, after 14 September 2019, we’ll take into account each country’s enforcement timeline and only apply authentication and exemptions when SCA is required.

Moved on a lot since then read FCA response here

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UPDATE. I think that RapidCart Pro is now updated for SCA on Stripe (3 days before deadline of 14 Sept). I got an alert when opening RW today to update to version 4.16.0. I’m assuming it’s just a case of re-publishing all files and that will do it. No instructions or communication from Foreground or version history to confirm this on their website as yet I’m afraid.

I confirm RapidCart Pro is now SCA-ready.


If the UK regulator thinks another 18 months is necessary, it’s a sure bet that the other EU countries aren’t going to be ready either. I wonder if their regulators are introducing phase-in periods.:grinning:

PS: I see that SCA is only mandated where the vendor and purchaser are both in EU countries. If the UK leaves the EU, the EBA will no longer require compliance from British-based companies, although it is quite likely that the FCA would still require it.

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