Stripe SCA update required with Checkout stack and RapidCart Pro

Hi all,

I have been contacted by Stripe about updating my account for SCA.

I have read a few topics on the forum about this but there doesn’t seem to be any recent threads.

I use both Checkout and Cart2 stacks from Yuzool and RapidCart Pro from Foreground for my clients various sites.

On my Stripe dashboard they are asking about the “partner solutions” I’m using…see screenshots.

I’m not sure if either or any stacks used for Stripe payments are “partner solutions” and how to proceed with updating my Stripe dashboard.

Anybody else had experience with this??


Hi Scott,
just select “No, all payments are processed directly through the Stripe API” as this is the way RapidCart Pro interacts with Stripe.


Hi Roberto,
Thanks for quick response…as usual. Love your work.

I assume that is the same for Yuzool stacks too, hope to get confirmation back from Michael about that.

Cheers Scott


Hi all,

I am totally bamboozled my the SCA and Stripe.

Is anyone else having to update their Stripe account??

I have followed Roberto’s advise “No, all payments are processed directly through the Stripe API” but this doesn’t actually lead anywhere on the Stripe account page.

I have contacted Stripe help and they are not really helping much…just keep sending me links to further help pages.

@yuzool Is there anything I need to do with the Yuzool Checkout Stack?

Thanks everyone…

This is what I being advised by Stripe’s Help Desk
I would like to inform you that coming September 14, 2019, EU legislation calls for online payments created by EEA merchants (including UK) against EEA issued cards to be strongly authenticated. Issuers after this date will begin to decline any charges that do not comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), unless exempt from regulation or through strong authentication.

In order to stay ahead of the regulation, you or your plugin will need to integrate our PaymentIntents API. PaymentIntents is Stripe’s newest API that abstracts the complexities of charge creation and SCA exemptions and introduces dynamic control of 3DS to help ensure that you’re providing the customer with a streamlined, compliant checkout experience. Alternately, our new hosted Checkout page can help you stay ahead of this and future regulatory changes by allowing Stripe to manage your checkout experience for you.

If you’d like to read more about it, please take a look at our guide regarding the upcoming changes:

Here’s also a link to our migrating guide that will explain you how to update your current integration of Stripe :

@yuzool Has Yuzool Checkout stack integrated this…?
“you or your plugin will need to integrate our PaymentIntents API”

Hi again,

Latest email advise from Stripe help desk…

"Hi Scott,

The upgrade is not on your Stripe account, you actually need to upgrade the integration of your payment form.

I advise you to contact the developer in charge of your integration of Stripe on your website, and to follow him the email I sent you.

With that information he will be able to update your integration to be SCA ready.

All the best"

I am not sure if either RapidCart Pro @rob or Yuzool Checkout @yuzool have integrated the Stripe PaymentIntents API as advised is required by Stripe?

Does anybody have experience with this and how have you handled the SCA requirements with Stripe?

Thanks Scott

Same concerns here - JW didn’t think anything needed to be done on a thread I raised a while back - but need to be sure. Anyone heard from @yuzool ?

Hi LJ,

Not a peep from @yuzool Michael has been very quiet on the subject.

Roberto @rob from RapidCart Pro said his product was ok and how it interacts with Stripe.

But I’m still not sure about Yuzool’s products.

And I must admit still not sure what to do within Stripe itself…they (Stripe) are saying nothing needs to be done within my Stripe account.

It is all about the add-ons/plugins/stacks and ensuring they have been updated to integrate with Stripe’s "PaymentIntents API”

Hope to hear from Michael at some stage regarding his Checkout and Stripe stacks.

Cheers Scott

I’ve emailed Michael today so we’ll see what the outcome is.

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Thanks LJ,
Let me know what Michael has to say.
Cheers Scott

Me too… As soon as you have any info please Michael…

Hi Simon,

I’m getting emails from Stripe advising the Checkout stack/plugin requires updating to meet SCA requirements.

But haven’t heard anything from Michael @yuzool at all regarding this, so hopefully he will respond soon.

I wonder how many other people who use Yuzool’s Checkout or Stripe stacks are also receiving the Stripe emails about updating??

Regards, Scott

@scottjf - everyone who uses Stripe is receiving these emails

We’ve been talking about it over on RW4ALL:

So far this seems more to do with subscription payments but the Stack will be continue to be updated should any issues arise

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Hi Michael,

Thanks…I did look over there but didn’t see anything recent.

This thread on RW4ALL and I have added my question to it and the other Checkout thread but nothing more recent particularly regarding SCA and Stripe…are there others threads please?

Many thanks for your help.
Cheers Scott

The issue is can we be sure the stack will work by Sept 14th? Fixing after the event when ‘issues arise’ is not great for clients who depend on the online sales. Some clarity on this would be much appreciated and I for one have no issue at all with a paid-for update if there is work for you to do.

If you read the following link there’s a delay announced yesterday for 18 months

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Thank you for the link, @PMUK.
I’ll keep an eye on it if Stripe will decide to postpone the adoption.

Moved on a bit now read FCA update here.

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Thanks @PMUK

@scottjf Checkout has been updated for SCA with Cart Stack on the way :slight_smile:


Looks like the pressure is off as SCA has been postponed until March 2021.


@johnhiggins not quite so! The FCA in UK have but rest of Europe hasn’t see my link posted above to see Europe’s response.