Stylizer... Anyone use this CSS editor?

Anyone use or try this?

Never heard of it before your post. Interesting though.
I honestly use codepen for simple testing ideas out(they have a free plan if you don’t mind it being viewed by anyone).

My full blown editor of choice now is Visual Studio Code open source from of all companies Microsoft the old anti-open source king. It’s a really cool and powerful editor and free. There are versions for macOS, windows, and Linux.
I have tried and owned others:
Free (or open source)


I started with BBEdit and switched to sublime a few years back, the addons and kB shortcuts make it much easier to use than BBEdit was.
But as of the last couple years, the open source editors really rock. They do everything the paid versions due and more.
Brackets and atom will remind you a lot of sublime, only easier to add plugins to and more to choose from.
Visual studio code has all that and more. Interestingly it’s a Microsoft product, but the training videos are done on a Mac.


Tried it on evaluation. It’s interesting in some ways but wasn’t the most stable of apps (admittedly I have been using OSX betas).

It popped up on special offer one of the bundling sites today.

I think you can use the “inspect Element” options when you right click on a page in Safari and Chrome, after which you can live edit the CSS in Chrome.

BBEdit (TextWrangler has been retired and replaced with the free version of BBEdit) is great for code editing but not so much for visualising CSS. I’m using the free version at the moment to edit php files for a site. I can edit the CSS files but it doesn’t give you an idea of what effect the change you make has until you save and apply the changes to the site.

I still have CSS Edit, which is now rolled into Espresso I believe. It was great in that it actually showed you what the CSS would look like.

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