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I use the Open Theme for the main site, but I wanted to add an connecting site with a sub-theme (Reservations theme) on the same hosting site.The plan is to re-direct a different domain to the connecting site.

I published to, but the theme doesn’t show. I tried moving the reservations folder from the sub folder to the rw_common folder where the Open theme is located, but that didn’t make any difference.

Anyone able to help? Is it problematic to have two themes on the same hosting site, or should I do the sub folders differently?

Kind regards:)

Also tried publishing to Still nothing.

I would check your Settings - General - Web Address and your Settings - Publishing - Path & Website Address.

You’re accessing the website from:

However, all of your style sheets are looking to:

I can’t tell from your description what you want your structure to look like. If you are just trying to have a page for “Marie” on your main website using the “Reservations” theme, then you can leave that page in the project with your main site and for that page only, select the “Reservations” theme. Each page has an override setting for the theme.

Other options: set the 2nd smaller site as a sub-domain. Something like: (or .nz whatever your domain is) -or- if you want a unique domain/url, obtain a second domain for the marie page and forward the domain to that page on the stellarisdance site.

How did I miss that? Thank you, that fixed it!

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