Theme did not travel to site?

This is a simplistic question, I’m sure.

Just started a new page - uploaded via Rapidweaver internal ftp.
When I go to the site the theme formatting does not appear, nor the background color.

What didn’t I do right?

sounds like just a hiccup, try republish all files in the file menu and see if it works.

Thanks. I tried that twice already & it didn’t seem to matter.
I’m obviously missing something basic in this - had assumed the theme would join the team on the crossover!

hard to tell whats going on without a url…

Well, its very rudimentary, just sent up to see how it looks & make sure the online location works.
As such, I didn’t think there was anything to see by visiting the site itself in determination.

Its by way of Little Oak as host. I suppose I could check with them, but I expected they would point to the application. Was sent up via the RW internal publish.

Could it be that the button choice was New Project vs Example Project - (guessing)
despite the formatting from the theme appears to be applied?

At web destination. None of the theme formatting seems to apply. No sidebars where they ought be, etc. The backdrop is white instead of black. Used Bravo theme, which I believe comes included with RW & did not get asked for a “buy” when I applied it locally.

What you’re describing is what usually happens when not all of the project has been published.

Have you tried opening the File menu and selecting ‘marking all pages and resources as changed’ and then from the same menu 'Republish All Files"?

But as @swilliam says, it’s tough to know without a URL.


If you look in the web inspector under develop in Safari, you will see that there are fatal errors.

example: to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)"

It appears that it is trying to load the Theme from

That’s why it looks like it does. Now, why it is trying to load the theme from a bogus place… I have no clue, is the theme a sample or something?

If you switch to another theme I would bet it will work

Thanks much. I wondered if this was a regular free theme - it was in my list, but did not come up with a “buy.”

I’ve tried using Transmit to upload via ftp after publishing to a local folder.
So far, no one must be awake yet at my webhost because they sure aren’t rushing to chat!

LOL, I almost spit my coffee out when I read that.

It was my error: I thought it was a free theme. It was not (Bravo).
Once I changed to another certifiable free theme, it came together.