Putting 2 different websites on 1 domainname

I have 2 different businesses and want to put them under 1 domainname. On the home page the client can make a selection which website to visit. Both websites have different themes. How can I do that?

Joris, Uganda

Rapidweaver lets you override the Master Style of a given theme and choose a completely different theme on a page by page basis. This is in the Style section of the Page Inspector.

So you could create a home page with a couple of graphics or company logos that point to the two different sites. Then use a different theme for each site.


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You might want to consider use of a sub-domain for one of the sites. This keeps them completely separate but under one domain. Example: If you have a domain of www.isellcars.com a sub-domain would be used.isellcars.com. Check your website providers help docs for “sub-domains” and do google searches for more info.

I would create 3 projects.
1 for the Landing Page
1 for the first business
1 for the second business

Publish the Landing Page on the domain.tld
For the business pages you can choose to go the subdomain route or use subfolder under the domain like: domain.tld/business1

With 3 project files you are absolutely free with the theme you can use