Submenu hover flickering and flashing up and down

i noticed that when i drag my mouse hover a menu with a submenu ( PORTFOLIO+) i’m getting a flickering and flashing (the menu close and open forever), i’m using Chrome and Safari under iMac.
It is impossible to select any pages of my works and its so frustrating…
With Mobile devices ( iPhone or iPad ) it seems to work fine.
Check my website and click PORTFOLIO+

Any tips ?

Thank you so much

Sorry, I have no solution. But your entry picture is 3 MB in size and the site loads so slowly. Can you reduce the file size by setting the width of the picture to e.g. 1600px, then save it and then use JPEGmini to reduze the file size?

I’m not really sure whats going on here but for me, in chrome, when I hover on portfolio the sub nav appears (seems low/ unattached to the top menu) but When I try to put my mouse on the sub nave it disappears long before I can click something.

Also Portfolio links to a page with no content, not sure if you just havent put any in or if you actually want portfolio to just be a header for the sub nav.

Edit: I don’t have the Kinfolk theme but I looked over at Michael David Design at the example and there is no space between the main and sub nav. That’s the first thing I would look at what did you do to put that separation in there?
That’s where I would start. Maybe the developer can shed some light.

It looks to me like submenu animation. Check your theme settings and turn off nav (sub-nav) animation if option is there. With animation ON the dropdown appears low and then “snaps” up to meet with the nav bar. That is not happening for some reason, it’s just staying low… The script is breaking at some point since the menu is not working…

Thanks for your suggestion to reduce the images size :+1:

That’s my real problem !!! Its impossible to select any pages but it works great on mobile devices: i checked with iPhone and iPad and menù works great but not with iMac.
Yes Portfolio have no contents its just an Header for sub nav.

I’ve ask to Micheal David Design Support… and he’s still taking a look at my issue …

Thanks for you help

There isn’t sub nav animation option … yes i’ve look that sub nav its so low maybe thats the problem.
With mobile devices its works fine but not with desktop like iMac… i don’t know why.
Thank you
if you have any tips …i’m still here.

Like I said before Im not sure exactly what is going on but I can see that somehow you have an 84px margin set above the sub nav (see screenshot). I have no idea if there is a way to set this in the theme or if it gets calculated some how.

It can be overridden with CSS but That doesn’t fix the root of the problem.

  1. Look carefully at the theme settings - see if there is an option for nav spacing

  2. the problem may be cause because you have no content on the portfolio page and the footer is rendering below the top nav. put a simple paragraph or something on that page and see if that solves the problem.

  3. I don’t know if your theme allows for Headers as a top level menu you need to check with the DEV and see if/how you can do this with your theme, Its possible you may have to re-think that structure so as not to have that blank page. You could put a grid of the cover photos of each sub nav page on the portfolio page and link those photos to their respective sub page as well. That would solve the blank page issue.

Yes it could be a great idea … put a grid with a cover photos of my album but i create Portfolio page with built-in RW Photo Album and so how i link the photos in RW Photo Album?!
Is there a way to do it? In edit mode i see only the possibility to add pictures and nothing else…any tips? Thank you

Wow finally i solved the issue !!!
The cause of this awful issue was a font !!! Yes that’s incredible.

I had DIDOT font in Nav Menù … i’ve tried to change it with OPEN SANS font and … finally it works fine , no more flickering and flashing menù and no more 84px margin to sub menù.

i don’t know how just a font could do something like that but it is.

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Answered in other thread here

Glad to hear you have it sorted :grinning: