Seydesign Payn menu/submenu

Hello, I’m using the seydesign payn theme version v1.2.1. The submenus seems to disappear and reappear on some of my pages (mainly the parent pages). There’s nothing that I can see that is different.

I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hi @ottawar1 do you have a link to a page where I can take a look?

Thank you, but that problem seems to have gone away. The submenus are back.

Same problem for me:
All stacks 3 pages are effected, xmt the sitemap.
Strange thing: If I resize the browser window or change the iPad orientation, the submenus pop in. Anybody an idea?

Hi @thkl -

Copy and paste the snippet below to the Page Inspector --> Header --> Javascript --> Javascript field for any affected pages:

jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('.toolbar1').trigger('resize'); });

Does that fix things for you?

You are a genius. Yes, that script does the trick.
However, due to my tests, the box stack from yuzoolthemes causes the problem.
What is the approach? Use that script on any single page or wait/ find a fix for the box stack?! I already mailed Michael from yuzoolthemes. Up to now, no reply. I have to wait.

For now, I would use that script on any affected pages - that way things will at least work for you until we can release an update. We may be able to address this directly in the theme itself. :smile:

Thank you very much! This does the trick indeed, I had the same problem…