The 'top bar' submenus are not clickable

Problem: The ‘top bar’ submenus disappear at mouse over in Safari, so you cannot click them. The Problem appears also in the Rapidweaver editor. With Firefox, Opera and Chrome this works well: The submenus stay open at mouse over until you click them.

The problem disappears if I unclick (switch off) ‘Submenu on hover’ in the ‘top bar’ editor, ‘menu’ part. But this is not what I want. I want to keep ‘Submenu on hover’ on.

Where can I find the menu for ‘submenu align, hover delay, close time’? I was recommended to set them back to the default values. I don’t know if this helps, but I wanted to try it, just cannot find it.

What version of RW are you using? What theme and what stacks?

Do you have a website address so we can see the problem?

Have you cleared the cache on your safari browser?

Version 8.7 (20860),
Foundation? I don’t know how to see which theme I am using, sorry (it’s been last year that I put up my website).
The stack is ‘top bar’ by Joe Workman.
Website address:
Yes, I cleared Safari’s cache: didn’t help.

Ah yes! I can replicate the problem in Safari and as you say it is fine in other browsers and OS.

If you move the mouse downwards fast, you can get to the sub menu so I wonder, is there a margin or spacer been added to the menu that may have pushed the submenu downwards? It’s like the mouse is moving off of the menu bar, over a gap and then onto the submenu.

Yes! You are right. There’s been a margin below. I set it to zero, and now it works fine, in the editor as well as in Safari. Thank you for your help!

Just as a side question from my original post:
Where can I find the menu for ‘submenu align, hover delay, close time’? Do you have any idea?

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