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Ok sorry another question. In the sitemap, do I also therefore tick ‘disable search engines’ for the 404 pages?
Thank you for your continued help with this.


(scott williams) #22

Yes, you do not those pages to be indexed

(Gabrielle Vickery) #23

I’ve done as you said, but now when I type in an incorrect url it goes to a blank page instead of the 404recovery page.
Should the htaccess code not forward to the recovery rather than the 404?


(scott williams) #24

No, the .htaccess points to the 404 page, the JS on the 404 then sends you to recovery,

I’ll have. A look when I get to my computer

Edit: I don’t see where the redirect is taking place to the recovery page. Did you add the JS on the 404 page?
If you did, can you show it please. (Make sure you dont have any “curly” quotes in there.

The 404 page is returning a 404, so you are getting closer.
Also, you should either use a blank theme for the 404 page or just go in and delete all of the calls to load the style sheets etc because they will not exist anyway. It probably doesnt hurt anything but it would just be cleaner that way.

(scott williams) #25

It looks like you are good to go now.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #26

Brilliant yes all looks good now thank you!

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