Sudden drop in SERP's for home page on main keywords after Rapidweaver update

Our website was appearing in 2nd position in Google for our main keyword until recently. When I updated Rapidweaver to 7.5.2 and republished my website it advised that there were two index pages html and php in existence. I deleted the php version from my server. I resubmitted the site to be indexed by Google using the Webmaster Fetch as Google tool. This worked and within half an hour my page was back showing in the search engine results. 3 days later and it has gone again and I don’t know why. Can anyone help?

Anyone had this issue or know what it could be contributed to?

It would be the php one you should have kept and deleted the html.
If a page has an element on it that requires code execution such as a contact form or an animated gallery then the page has to be php. A lot of us set our pages to be php by default to eliminate the duplication.
The reason you had/have both is that when you initially published your page(s) you didn’t have an element/stack that required php and thus the page had the extension html but then you added something and RW automatically changed the extension to php so that the code would execute.
I suggest you republish all files and then delete (if there are both php and html) the html file.


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