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I’m using the Super Forms stack by @1LittleDesigner with Themeflood’s Boutique theme and I’m having trouble getting the placeholder form text too align correctly over the input boxes.

Test site here:

As this is a test site you’ll need to use:
user name: RWforum
password: BIAD9MX0

Many thanks



I think your placeholder text is probably in the right position. It is just that something is affecting the height of the input fields. If the fields were the same size as the drop-down input then it would look fine (as that field looks fine).

That’s a good point Stuart, thank you.

Now I’ve done a bit more digging, it turns out the Rapidcart ‘Cart Stack’ I have on the page is affecting the height of the input fields (when I remove the Cart Stack the Super Forms Stack looks as it should).

So, now need to look into that further and see if I can get both working on the same page.



I’ve stripped things back so there is just the @1LittleDesigner Super Forms stack and the foreground cart stack from @rob

Test site is here

The home page shows the problem when both stacks are on the same page. Page1 shows it when the cart stack is removed.

Appreciate any help or thoughts on getting them both working on the same page, I know I could probably get away with not having the cart stack on the contact page, I’d just prefer to find a work around so I don’t have to!



This CSS should work. I’d put it in the page’s CSS area.

.com_onelittledesigner_stacks_Super_Forms_stack .controls input[type="text"] {
	height: 44px !important;

Thanks Don, that did the trick! I was really struggling with finding the selector to target.

Really appreciate your help.



You’re welcome. I wanted to only target the text inputs, as those only seemed to be the ones with that were being resized by the CSS for RapidCart Pro.

OK, thanks for the pointer.

Are you just using the developer tools in Safari or Chrome to find that, or some other tools?

Thanks again



I’m just using developer tools in Safari to track down what I’d like to target with CSS.

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