Formloom 3 contact form not displaying correctly

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Hi I have created a contact form using Formloom 3 in Rapidweaver 7. I created the stacks page and then the Formloom 3 with a blank template. I have set the link to point to the correct page and have also published all pages. When I view the live site the form is only displaying the first input and is not providing any scrolling ability (see screenshot below). I have checked everything but cannot see an option to increase the height so that everything displays correctly. Any ideas welcome.

(LJ) #2

Make sure you set the form to “No Theme” in Formloom 3 settings. You have to do this when using the stack

(Zena Watt) #3

Thanks, managed to work it out. Do you happen to know anything about adding a search facility within the autonomy theme?


(LJ) #4

There are several search stacks with various pros and cons - have a look through the forums; you should find several useful threads. They won’t be limited to any one theme.

here’s one to get started: Best Search Stack?

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