SuperForm Stack Issue

Hi, does anyone has used the Super Form Stack without any issues?

My issue is not PHP issue, I have followed the Troubleshooting and every-thing looks good, expect we are not receiving any emails once the customer clicks submit nor “the success notification” that it has been sent.

Any idea why? what would be the alternative stack to get the same layout and functionality as shown here in the snap pic. (no script third party) Thanks

Was 1LD - the developer - not able to help? That would be my first port of call.

@robbeattie, I did send an email to them but did not get a reply yet!

Sometimes mentioning them by name on the forum is enough to get a response. @1LittleDesigner :sunglasses:

@monica @robbeattie Did our support get back to you? We’re typically pretty quick at responding -

@1LittleDesigner Thanks for asking Jeremy, No not yet.

@monica Can you message me your best email address?

I hate to mention the obvious but have you checked your trash/spam? And your ISP’s spam folder, if they have one?

@peterdanckwerts. Always :slight_smile:

@1LittleDesigner, done sent you a message!