Hi, I have seen a bit

Hi, I have seen a bit of an odd problem this week with a site I have built. I created a site using a contact form stack, Superform, from onelittledesigner.
I have found that for some reason, when a website user trys to enter their telephone number, if they use the numberpad area of the keyboard, it will not work. If they use the numbers across the top of the keyboard, it will work

Tuan, this problem was described previously, but there was no answers. Probably the best bet would be to contact @1LittleDesigner.

I have one theory. Looking at the example website posted on the Superform stack number entry area discussion:-

The telephone number input has been configured as a ‘text’ input type, within the source code. If a browser is trying to be smart and do some self-validation, it may unintentionally be blocking use of the number keypad when you enter content in this field. The browser might be thinking “why is this person trying to enter numbers in a text box?”

Changing the telephone input (probably through means of a stack update) to use either a number or dedicated tel input type instead might give better results.


<input id="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" name="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" class="floatLabel hasError" type="text" value="" required="required">


<input id="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" name="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" class="floatLabel hasError" type="number" value="" required="required">

Or even better:

<input id="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" name="input-stacks_in_111282_page15" class="floatLabel hasError" type="tel" value="" required="required">

Might be worth a shot. This change might also help with auto-complete on the form inputs too.

Hello Tuan,

This issue was brought to our attention recently. We have updated the Input stack so that the “number only” feature supports more keyboard numpad types. Make sure you are using version 1.5.3 of the Super Forms Input stack. Please contact us at http://onelittledesigner.com/support if you still have trouble.

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Hi all, thanks for the suggestions.
As @Jon1LD said above, there was a bug in the number input stack. 1LD sent me the update and it’s now installed and working. Thanks

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