Swipe – Brand new RapidWeaver stack from Weavium : ]

Swipe – A stunning new swipe-able, expandable grid menu for RapidWeaver

Swipe is a new menu stack that RapidWeaver developers have been waiting for~ Touch-friendly menus like these have been popping up all over the web and especially in the latest mobile app UIs in 2018! We’ve come up with a fantastic way to bring these swipe-able menus to RapidWeaver with a twist of our own, by adding the option to expand the menus into full page grids. We worked hard on this stack and we think you will really enjoy the it.

Touch-friendly, Expandable grid, Responsive columns, Icons, a 5 background types for all the customization you need.

Get it on sale now for 25% off (Just $11.24) using the follow discount code:


Find out more here: https://www.weavium.com/stacks/swipe


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