Weavium upgraded to HTTPS & New RapidWeaver Stack – Swipe

Hi all,

We just wanted to let everyone know that the Weavium site has now been upgraded to HTTPS, for those users who were wondering about it! :slight_smile: We also really wanted to import our site completely into RapidWeaver, but unfortunately the database system we are using will not allow for that as of right now.

We hope to be making some great changes to the Weavium site in the near future and will hopefully be making some wonderful stacks as well. We focus heavily on good design and customizability at Weavium, so if you ever want to request a custom stack, please visit our support page at: https://www.weavium.com/support

Also, don’t miss out on 25% off our latest RapidWeaver stack – SWIPE

You can learn more here: https://www.weavium.com/stacks/swipe


Hello. How does the Swipe stack work on desktop? In the examples on your website things don’t seem to work unless you’re on mobile.

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Hi there,

On Desktop the swipe stack works with a click & drag~

We have also gotten requests for arrow functionality which will be added in the next update. : )
Do you think you’ve found a bug that causes the sliding not to work? If so can you let us know what browser you are running and what version?

Thank you very much

I don’t understand what the point is of this stack. You have blocks titled GooglePlus, Vimeo, Reddit, Block Text, etc., but if they are clicked on or tapped or swiped or whatever, each one just goes to https://s3.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/weavium-bucket/products/Swipe/preview_page/index.html It seems like a reformulation or repackaging of most of your stacks. All hat and no cattle.

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Hi there,

On the example pages the links are left blank so as not to open up a bunch of pages. On a real users site these can be links to pages or javascript functions, etc.

We have a lot of supportive followers at Weavium and those who purchase our stacks really enjoy them according to our feedback.

Thank you for the inquiry~

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