Tag based photo theme/library

Hi. I have a photography website and currently split the photos under themes -each theme has its own gallery page. This is ok.

What I would love (and even think I saw one on the ad-ons but cannot find) is a theme or plug-in where I could add a tag word/s to an image and it would automatically add it to a gallery/s. I have a lot of images that cover one or more themes so right now it’s a pain to cross reference images. Maybe some kind of database could do this also?

Thanks! Peter

Maybe something like this


or this


or this


could work?


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Thanks - they may do but i am not sure if the content - photos - would then display as a lightbox…I’ll dig deeper and see.

I am sure i saw a theme that did just this for photographers?

The Yabdab stack definitely has a lightbox.

Themewise, these two spring to mind.



Thanks - that is so helpful and just what i am looking for!