Tesla Theme - deleting the banner in somes pages

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I´d like to get rid of the banner… I only want it on the first page. How can I mange it?

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I’m afraid that won’t be possible (as I remember from some thread on the old forums). But maybe the developer (Adam from elixir graphics) can chime in here and either confirm or correct my statement. :slight_smile:
By the way: I would have loved(!) to use this otherwise brilliant theme for some client site, but didn’t use it because of this missing feature you’re asking for.

Hhhhmmm… !?

Thanks for your comment.

A statement would be great! A manual much more… Adam???


Same here. I love the theme, but not the lack of customization.

I’m using the theme and am 99% happy with it. The remaining 1% is due to not being able to resize the banner image on a page by page basis. In my site http://www.circuit3.com I’m ok having the fullsize banner in the home page but once a visitor has landed at the site they don’t really want or need the ‘big bang’ of that fullsize banner on subsequent pages.

A percent horizontal scaling option would be an excellent addition.

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@Consche @shabbyroad @Rovertek @RapidBase
Put this code in CSS of the page (or global), and the banner is away.
Only the navigation rest visible.

header {
height: 70px;


Thank you. I’m glad someone with more smarts than I has a way to do this. I’m going to experiment and see if by adjusting the height: value gives me a partial header and keeps the visitor focus on the content without having to scroll down.

70px is nessecary for the navigation, when subnavigation.
You can change to 200px, 300px etc… That will work.

You can set the height to 0px. With 70px, the logo is visible behind the navigation, when used.

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@Consche @shabbyroad @Rovertek @RapidBase

I have to complement the code, thereby also the content of the header is away.

header { height: 0px; }

#title_wrapper, #logo img{ display: none; }

Height 0px. When a subnavigation is here, set to 70px


Super. I managed to find a nice balance which works for me http://www.circuit3.com but now I need to work on how that email list popup on the homepage looks - it’s cosmetically unpleasant right now. I’m making this up as I go along :smile:

I added the code
header {
height: 450px;
Works great for the site I am developing.
However now ALL pages are using this adjusted size. But I want the fullsize banner with the home page and the adjusted size for all the other pages. Shabbyroad managed to do this on http://www.circuit3.com But I can’t find out how it has been done. Looking forward for your help.


Put this code in the CSS of the page (page inspector), not global.
Global works on every page, in page inspector only for this page.

… or otherwise.
You let the code in global settings and put in the homepage the code with your desired height or with this code :wink:

header { height: 100%; }

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This is a very good fix. I was thinking about this issue for a pet project. I loved the theme, but found it a little too much for every page. I am glad I stumbled upon this thread.

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could i use css code to change the banner image?
i am using Reason and trying to change the standard images;
first i went to the contents of the theme and changed img3, one of the four banner images; however RW seems to contain a bug when you try to change the image in the settings; on the other hand i would rather not go so deep in the contents of a theme to make changes; putting a css code on a page level or global seems easier; however i am not a css expert and would like to know what the code should be to change the banner image of Reason

Thank you, Oscar. Brilliant as always!


For Reason, this is another code, not header, but #feature.
Put your picture in resources and this code in siteinspector CSS of your page or in global CSS for every page.

#feature { background-image: url(%resource(yourpicture.png)%); }



Thank you :sweat_smile:

thanks a lot, this should do the trick!!


That’s not a trick, that’s CSS :wink:

Attention, not only feature, but #feature !!
And it works.