Text lines underneath other text lines

(Ashlee Woollis) #1

I’m a new RW 7 user- previously used 5. Having a lot of trouble with style text pages- I’m creating a site for a dance studio. One of the pages needs to list summer classes- i.e. the following:

age & level of class
Dates/Times of class
Prices for class

I’m not able to keep these listed in this manner. They all run together into one line. I’ve tried using < p > and < br > neither of which are doing what I need. < br > does absolutely nothing, and < p > makes the lines double spaced since it’s supposed to start a new paragraph, not just new line. (Obviously those aren’t spaced out in RW- I did that so they’d show up on this question).

I’ve also tried double-return with no luck. I’ve been googling this for hours and I can’t find anything. I also tried changing the page type for that particular page, and it just made all the work I’d done on it disappear.

I’m using the offroad theme. I don’t have a link, as I’m completely redoing the site in RW 7 and the currently live version is the old one made with RW 5.

(Rob Beattie) #2

The Offroad theme is doing something here. If you switch to another theme - for example Lander or Affero - , just using a carriage return works fine.

Something for RealMac since it’s bundled with RW7?


(Brian LaPan) #3

There are some known issues with the Offroad theme. We suggest choosing another theme (built in or otherwise).

(Rob Beattie) #4

This is the second time I’ve heard there are issues with the Offroad theme. I wonder if RealMac could provide some more guidance for users? If it’s busted - forgive the shorthand - maybe it should be withdrawn? Or at least the known limitations laid out clearly.


(Jason Bostick) #5

I’ve heard in previous podcast discussions that they don’t delete outdated themes so as to not break anyone sites that uses them. While I get that rationale, I wonder if Realmac could create an archive page to download old themes or something to cover off those customers (or tag them as legacy themes that are filtered out by default or soemthing).

It seems like a bad first experience for someone to try an included theme that is knowingly buggy

(Lisa Sandler) #6

I haven’t played around with built in themes since I first got RW. But I agree… I think RM should have a disclaimer: something like, “these themes are here for you to play around with, but we don’t suggest you use them.”

@jabostick I agree… we see so many people here thinking they can use the built in themes that have issues and don’t understand they need to find better themes.

(Doug Bennett) #7

You can hide these in preferences>General

Perhaps this should be set by default so new users will NOT try to use these old themes.

(Jason Bostick) #8

Yeah, I’d think they should be off by default. But, if i’m not mistaken, that option is for old, non-responsive themes. Offroad is newer/responsive (I believe) but, apparently, a bit broken.

Offroad used to be the default theme at one point as well, I don’t know if that’s still the case.

(Doug Bennett) #9

Your right it is a “new” theme. RealMac should fix it or remove it.