Text not appearing in Rapidweaver 8

I’ve recently upgraded to Rapidweaver 8, but now a client’s project has started misbehaving.

Some text on the client’s site has disappeared. I’m using Elixir’s Droplet theme and Kuleredits 2. The text in the CMS won’t display, and some of the headers in the sidebar have disappeared. You can see the text by highlighting it, but it isn’t displaying properly.

Have you got a URL? Sounds as though the text is there but it’s changed colour - perhaps to white - so you can’t see it?

The URL is www.notionaltheatre.com

The issues with the Kuleredit stack are right on the front page. Some of the headers set in black are appearing in white as well.

Thank you.

Steve Purbrick

From just a quick look, It looks to me like the extra content container is set to white (#ffffff).
if you cant change it in the theme controls you can try something like this:
#container {
color: #000000;
or whatever hex value you want for color
you may need to add !important after the color value if still gets overridden.

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Thanks! The text had indeed randomly set to white in the template settings. Fixed now.

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