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Am working on a site using foundation. Have a tiny/small text-size on the footer and want to create an outside link to another site. As the font is small it cant be linked.
How would I create a link from the text, should it be a button or ?
Am very new and cant figure how


The size of the text does not matter. Highlight the text and click on the link button.

My link / unlink are all greyed out. No action.

What kind of page is it? Styled Text? Markdown? Stacks?

What text stack are you using?

If he is using Foundation, it would need to be a Stacks page.

Which stack are you trying to make a link in?? Have you highlighted the text?? A screenshot would help in this situation.

Not true! It’s very easy to add a styled text page to any project or theme.

Am using a header stack in foundation, text size small.

If it helps, it’s greyed out over all nine pages of my site. Not using any template, just foundation.

Is it the Foundation header stack?

If it is, there’s an option in the header stack settings to add a link.

Everything at the bottom is greyed out, thats over all 9 pages.

In @NeilUK’s screenshots there’s a button set link. Use that to set the link.

For that area to work text must be selected…not header text!

The font is too small, wanted to use the link/unlink buttons but are greyed out. cant use.

The link button at the bottom won’t work unless you’re using styled text. You should be able to change the font size other ways.

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