Link does not work in foundation site

Hello all,

I´m just making a new version of my site, now with the foundations stacks. I have a link on a picture which leads to another page, this easy and fine in preview mode, but when I try to make a preview in Safari, the page is not found and I get an error message.
Can anyone give me a hint what is wrong here?

Just a quick guess because I can’t access RW right now but are your pages in the site settings set as relative to page or relative to docroot?

Judging by the way your page is shown I think it would only work if set as docroot otherwise you would need to add the full url manually to create a link.

With a preview in Safari (in RapidWeaver), it cannot work, because only this page is in the preview, not the whole site.
You must publish the site to see this !
Or you export the site.
Then you can see the whole site in the finder or in MAMP etc.

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I did export the site, but it did not work. the link is fine in preview mode but not when I export and open the index file with Safari. Now I I think I know the reason. I moved a few pages (including sub-pages) from an old website to the new (foundation) site using drag and drop between two RW windows. Maybe something there got broken.

Perhaps, you have activated “Tidy Website Links”.
With this setup, the link in the exported website don’t go to the page, only to the folder of the exported website.

Thanks for the fast reply. “Tidy Website Links” is off, I use the same settings as shown in your attachment. But now I have nearly pinned the error. A three column foundation stacks seems to be “broken”. If I try to place a header I get a result like in the attachment. When I build up this part of the page with a new three column foundation everything is fine.