Wrapping text in blog editor

I need some help with wrapping text around image in the blog text editor. I tried everything and I am getting lost, can anyone help me? (I have image attached). As you see it it is quite messy and I have tried selecting and dragging and nothing… Thanks…

The editor isn’t very elegant. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Start a new blog post.
  2. Drag in a picture (your one seems rather large by the way)
  3. Select the picture
  4. Open the Format menu and Choose HTML
  5. Align image left or right
  6. Start typing in the first space after the photo and your text should wrap round your image.

If you want to add an image partway through your blog entry, I’ve found that a bit hit more miss but would usually type in the first few words of the sentence, then drag the image in - always to the left hand start of the line - and then format it left or right.

The RW blog’s layout features are pretty basic and I only use it for very simple stuff. If you want a nicely formatted blog take a looks at Instacks Poster stack. That’s brilliant.

Cool. Thank you for your advice, Rob!

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