Stacks 3 issue renders Rapidweaver unworkable

I upgraded to Stacks 3 and immediately I started a new project and clicked to make a Stacks page, the box containing the Stacks menu plonked itself on top of where I wanted to add text/pictures etc and attached itself in a way that I couldn’t move it to the side of the project page - ie the whole thing moved together. This has meant I can’t do any further work on my project (or existing projects) until I can sort this out. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a fix? I’ve never had this happen before with any software.

Just checking, as I am sure you have tried this, but have you noticed the options on the bottom of the Library Window?

If not, try those. They will be different depending on the view you are currently having, and your issue sounds like a popover, so it will say sidebar for you.

Hope this might help.

Ah! You’re a genius, thank you so much. I’d like to say I’d noticed this but I didn’t! I’ve tried your suggestion, solved immediately. Thank you so much! It’s always worth pointing out what you might think is far too obvious for idiots like me! I feel a right ninny now! Thank you Zeebe!