Very Random RW or Stacks Bug

Does anyone else see the margin and/or padding options lose their left top, bottom, left and right text below the fields?
They come back if I quit and reopen.
Not sure if it’s RW or Stacks…

It would be stacks. Not sure what your showing in your screen shot.
The padding fields look OK. The Margin needs the plus sign + selected to show the values for detailed.

Doesn’t matter which stack it is. I’m wondering if it’s happening with my screensaver.
This is how they should look, with the top, bottom, left and right text below the values:

No I was saying it is a stacks issue not a RW one not what stack you are using.

On the first screen shot did the + not work?

The secound screen shot has minus (-). If you click the minus it should fold up (like the first shots margin) and show a plus sign.

Is that not working?
or is it when you wake up your computer they are not showing the detail?

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I think Lisa means the actual text labels below. I haven’t ever noticed that before myself.


Yes, I saw this happen once today in RW 7.2.2, the sub titles disappeared.
I’ve never seen it before and it only happened once. I’ve not seen it do it since and to be honest, I’d forgotten about it until I saw your post.

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Thanks I didn’t see that.

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Yes, I get that it’s a stacks issue. As @jabostick said.

I don’t exactly know when it happens, but it’s a good bet that when I stop the screensaver it happens. I don’t sleep my computer, just use screensaver. It’s such a small thing it’s hard to notice.

Sorry didn’t see what you were talking about, need new glasses I guess. Since both you and @tav have seen this I invited @isaiah into this post.
I would assume its a stacks think but he should be able to help.

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@teefers It’s not a big deal but it is a weird one :slight_smile: I keep forgetting to post about it.

I’ve seen this as well. It has happened a few times over the past couple of weeks and seems random - can’t think of anything in particular that caused it.

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this is a known bug. we’re hunting for it. if you have any specific details on how to reproduce the bug consistently please post them to this bug report. thx