The Icons do not display in the menu or topper in Omnicon Theme

I have entered the Icon from the Icon Cheatsheet (provided with the theme) after // in the Menu of the Pages section (as instructed) and although it is visible in the Menu in Edit mode, in the Preview Mode there is nothing - no writing or Icon (when I have added an icon). e.g.: Notification // ion-android-notifications. If I just have Notification with no // a N appears in the Menu but I can’t change its colour. Also the the Menu Toggle button and Sidebar Toggle button Icons are not visible but they work if you click on them. Looks like there is a glitch!

In the Inspector I have changed the Menu Color - I can’t change the site title colour, the Icon colour but I can change the background colour. I might add that this all works in the Example site that came with the theme.

OK I have found the answer - In the Settings -> Advanced -> Site Options -> deselect the Consolidate CSS Files

It all works beautifully now :slightly_smiling:

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Also works much better with font awesome with BootstrapCDN instead of the other set of icons.