🛍 RapidWeaver eCommerce Course — Start selling online with RapidWeaver!

Hello Weavers!

I’m super excited to let you know that we’ve just released the RapidWeaver eCommerce Course — an easy to follow, yet in-depth video training course that teaches you how to start selling online with RapidWeaver. You’ll learn how to build an online store in RapidWeaver and start making sales.

The course has 15 videos that teach you how to setup any type of store — it covers everything from simple PayPal shopping carts, to selling digital products with Paddle and GumRoad, to taking credit card payments with Stripe, to setting up an advanced eCommerce store with RapidCart Pro.

Buy Now & Save $20 (Limited Time Offer)

To celebrate the launch of this new course we’re offering a $20 discount for the first 50 customers. If you think you might want to start selling products online, buy the course now as this discount is sure to go fast!

Use the following coupon code during checkout to save $20: Save20USD

You can find out more about the new ecommerce video course over on our website.

Happy Weaving :smiley:


Also, I forgot to mention, but everyone subscribed to the RapidWeaver Community site will be able to watch the videos from this course via this series: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/tutorials/series/start-selling-online

I’m in the process of adding the videos now, but they’ll all be available there within the next day or so.



You might want to check out the “Selling Software with Paddle” video you posted seems to have unedited audio included with it.

Ah sorry about this, the wrong version of the video was uploaded to the community site.

All the new videos should be back up and online tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.



Great work @ben and really solid course :slight_smile:

Thanks for including Cart Stack in it:

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Ah, hmm, sorry about this. I uploaded the wrong video — I’m fixing this as I type!

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Thanks @ben for this very detailed video series, especially for Paddle Stack.

These video tutorials really make it easy for you to start you eCommerce with RapidWeaver.

Great course Ben. Thanks for the info on RapidCart Pro!

Thanks Billy, really pleased you found the course helpful :slight_smile:

Perhaps a better use of your time would be the car crash that is RW 7.1 onwards. Especially as it’s not backwards compatible, how can you guys get it so wrong again and again.


I’m a web developer and RapidWeaver isn’t written in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We have two dedicated developers constantly working on RapidWeaver, so me producing a tutorial course has absolutely no baring on the amount of time spent working on updates/fixes/new features in RapidWeaver.

We are constantly pushing out new features and fixes for RapidWeaver — our goal is to keep making it better. We’re going to continue doing this.

If you’re having issues, please email us and we will do our best to help.

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

I am interested in possibly adding an e-commerce feature to my existing Rapidweaver website to replace an existing service I use. I took a look at the preview of the eCommerce Course but before I potentially purchase it I would like an honest opinion about whether or not it is suitable for my personal needs. I am a wedding and portrait photographer and each client gets a password protected online gallery, from which they can view their photos and place orders for various prints, framed prints, DVDs/USB sticks, printed albums or downloads. An average wedding gallery consists of a few hundred photos and every single image can be purchased in multiple different formats (various sizes of prints with or without a choice of frames, DVDs/USBs of their chosen images, low/high res download, or favourites compiled and designed into an album of
multiple pages etc) so the possible combinations are in the thousands, probably even tens of thousands.

Am I likely to be able to achieve all of that using the information and stacks etc I might learn from the course or is it more tailored towards ecommerce stores with fewer items for sale with only a few categories of product, with slight variations on each product? I’d really like an honest answer before I potentially waste my time and money.

Have any other photographers set up their own ecommerce stores in Rapidweaver?

Many thanks indeed.


There are a couple of services (Pixieset and Shootproof) mentioned in this post: RapidProject7 released for Professional Photography web sites that might be up your ally and might be an easier transition than trying to do all you need to do on your own from scratch.

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Thanks Jason, I am already using a similar service to the ones mentioned in that post.
I was wondering if Rapidweaver was at a stage now that it could take over from the service I currently use. Meaning I would be in total charge of client ordering etc.

I don’t think you could even get close to build something as good as what Pixieset or Shootproof offer. Even using the best RW stacks just scratches the surface and even if you could build it with stacks, you would need a great deal of time to build and debug it and keep it working.

You would need a sophisticated CMS solution, a sophisticated gallery and lightbox with user options, a remote multi client password protected client login area, email generation for mail shots and promotions based on birthday and wedding anniversary, a photo editing system and then a complex online shop with cart system linked to an in country fulfilment system linked to their changing prices and adjust for postage.

The best of these systems are very sophisticated and complex and there are huge teams behind them having already invested years into them.

Yeah, i was just about to reiterate what Gary said. Even if you could handle everything from RW (and you’d still need a mix of products/addons), you’d still be cobbling together something in order to fit a fairly specific need. If something exists that directly targets your profession and if it is at least reasonably-priced, I’d think that the time you save would more than make up for it. Just my $0.02…

@LSPhoto runs a photography business and has looked into the e-commerce side of it quite a bit and could likely chime in as well.

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Thanks @webdeer,
I’ve watched Rapidweaver stacks and addons develop massively over the years so wondered if they had now reached the level of sophistication I was after. I’m guessing not quite yet, but it is probably only a matter of time.
The particular service I currently use is becoming less and less financially viable for me so I’m looking at the alternatives/competition. The e-commerce aspect of RW is just one alternative I am looking at.

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I used Zenfolio for 6 years (with integration from my own website www.LisaSandlerPhotography.com) and hated it. Kept waiting for them to catch up and make things more user friendly for both myself and clients. Left at the end of last year when my subscription was up.

I recently tried setting up Rapidcaert Pro. It took me a couple of months, then after not hearing back from support for the product, I deleted it all. It’s now been 4 months and I never heard back.

I ended up with Pixieset and still trying to figure out what my next move is. I have Stripe from @yuzool on this page, just to take total CC payments (https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-products/payment/) for now, and I have 17hats.com where I can set up invoices.

Not sure what my next move is… do you have a website already or are you looking for an all-in-one? If you need a website, @webdeer’s projects may be for you with Pixieset or Shootproof.

I, too, would love to find a developer who could create pieces for us to create our own stores. Someone who can actively respond to support requests. http://yabdab.com/stacks/paysnap comes close, but they need to update and include outside payment sources such as Stripe. It’s clumsy/slow and only accepts Paypal now.

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There have been whispers of Mr Workman tackling e-commerce as an extension of Total CMS but details, dates, etc are beyond me

3rd party stacks have added real power to RW but they are just isolated pieces of a big complex puzzle in the filed of professional photography. To be competitive and remain competitive at the highest level you can’t afford not to have the full features of services such as Pixieset. Certainly, Pixieset and Shootproof are so competitive that they keep each other offering a higher level of service and if someone else comes along you can just jump ship and use them instead. From a RW point of view, all that is needed is to change some link URLs to jump ship.