Theme SDK, complete for 7.x available

Greetings and Merry Christmas to all!

I am looking for the complete theme SDK for RW 7.x. The link below has SDKs but all say changes. Are any of them complete? Since I am not familiar with what a complete one looks like I simply don’t know. This is for a personal project only. I have no interest in becoming a developer.


Check out github:

Thank you. Do you know if this is complete. It says they are beginning to update them.

It is complete as far as I know but it is broken down into releases, not as well organized as it needs to be. You will find the RW4 PDF, and a RW6 and 7 docs as updates.

Don’t know if there is a RW5 doc, maybe nothing changed in the SDK.

This is the problem I have seen as well. No complete theme SDK. I contacted support about it but got a link back to the very same page I question them about. I haven’t heard an answer definitive yes/no since I emailed them 48 hours ago. I think I will just skip it on this website and finish handcoding.

Git hub has a lot more than the link they bave you. The complete guide is the version 4:

The changes to version 4 (not many) for version 6 are here:

The changes to version 6 to 7 are here:

Yep saw all that. Just wanted One SDK, not a project of 3-4 versions and hope I got it right. Thanks!