Theme with scrolling image transitions

Hello everyone, I am new with Rapidweaver and need some help from the community. I am interested in adding scrolling capabilities to my website exactly like where the top banner picture changes to a new picture as you scroll down my website.

Can this be done with a Theme that I can download and apply to my website or does this require some HTML programming?

I would sincerely appreciate if you can point me in the right direction so that I can do some further research on this feature. Does this scrolling have a name so I can google and learn more about? Is there a good source of Themes for RapidWeaver that can do this?

Thank you in a advance and hopefully I can get some suggestions soon.


I believe there are some themes out there that does this, but not sure which ones. Joe’s Parallax stack can add this, but it works best in blank themes like Foundation, UI Kit, Bootsnap etc. where there are not set margins for the content.

Hi Robert. Thank you and will look into Parallax stack now that I have some idea what this feature is called. :slight_smile:

There are some parallax themes out there, here is a search of the RapidWeaver community
That will give you some ideas of other ways to do it.

Excellent and thank you very much Robert. I also found some Parallax stack add-ons to RapidWeaver but I think its faster to checkout the Parallax enabled themes first to get some simple Parallax effects in my website.