Theme with Sidebar Navigation Menu Frame

I am trying to build a personal website that has a collaspable navigation menu in the sidebar and that does not refresh when navigating between pages. While there are many themes available that emphasis sidebar navigation, most seem refresh/rebuild the sidebar, which is what I want to avoid . I would also like the sidebar to highlight and retain sub-menus position when on those pages. For an example for what I am describing see this site:
Navigate through the submenus and you will see that the sidebar menu itself does not refresh from page to page (almost like a frame). I’ve pored over the themes from the various vendors but so far nothing quite fits the bill. Perhaps someone here has some suggestions. Is there a theme that has this functionality or can this be achieved with a stack ?

Thanks for the assistance,
Doug A.

have you tried the wilderness theme? I use it on my site.

Thanks Gary,
That looks like a potential solution. I’ve downloaded the demo and will explore the options. Will Woodgate’s theme’s are typically loaded with options. Funny that I missed this theme as I had looked at his Storm and Tornado demos as potential options.

Doug A.