Vimeo Connect stack vs. themes

Hi there, I’m having issues with figuring out why the Vimeo connect stack won’t display in full screen. It said I need Asgard theme so I bought it and it still doesn’t display in full. Checked the stack options and tutorials… The only theme it works on is Foundation. It doesn’t work with Hero or Hero2 or any other standard theme… :(. Thanks!

I take it when you say Full Screen, you mean Edge to Edge? This is all theme dependent. The theme must offer support for Edge to Edge, if not, there will always be a margin on the sides.

Right, edge to edge :slight_smile: it looks like Asgard theme supports edge to edge and when I got the stack it was recommended to use it with Asgard theme… Now, in order to make the Asgard theme just like the demo it said I needed parallax flight so I got that too and I’m nowhere close to what it should look like lol…

So if he theme does support edged to edge then what it could be?


I don’t have the Theme nor the stack, so I am guessing by looking at the demo of the Theme itself . Outer Content is full-width, Inner content is full width up to 1100px. That might be configurable to full width from 1100px in the Theme settings.

Do you have your Vimeo stack inside a container that is not full width by chance?

If inside a container, did you set container padding and margin to 0?

Did you set the stack padding and margin to 0?

Really hard to guesstimate the issue without a live link to look at…


Does it support Edge to Edge everywhere or maybe only in Extra Content areas???

Thank you all for your responses… This site is not live but I might upload this page for testing… Y’all gave me few tips where to look… I’ll check the themes… I’m thinking the extra content area could be the answer… Fingers crossed :wink: thanks again!

Have you contacted 1LD about this issue? I looked at the theme and it LOOKS like it should work anywhere, but I do not have this theme to be sure.

Heck yah, I solved this issue thanks to your all help! :slight_smile: it was extra content stack I was missing (it came with Vimeo Connect stack). So here’s what I had to do in case someone is curious… please note I’m a newbie and extreme beginner…

  1. I used Asgard Theme Demo project as my base for my website
  2. In place of the main slide images I wanted to have full width video
  • had to add 1LD ExtraContent
  • ad Vimeo Connect inside of 1LD ExtraContent

Now it not only shows on a preview mode but also works as I envisioned it :slight_smile: … Well… we’ll see once it’s live.

Thanks again!

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Ah and yes, I did contact the developer but I did it on New Years Day and now it’s a weekend so I didn’t expect them to respond during the holiday season… But I’m hoping for strong support with the remainder of my project as I bet I’ll have more questions for them :slightly_smiling: