Thoughts on today's Apple Event?

The new M1 iMac looks like a lovely machine to run RapidWeaver on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m tempted by the yellow or green one.

Very interesting that the iPad Pro got an M1 chip and thunderbolt, could this pave the way for macOS apps on iOS? :crazy_face:

Oh, and the redesigned AppleTV remote is awesome. Finally!

What did you guys think of Today’s Apple event?


The new Apple TV will be an instant buy. I will wait for the 27” replacement for my next update. The new iMac is cool :slight_smile:

Didn’t see it all, really liked the bold colours on the back but a bit underwhelmed by the lighter colour on the front with the white bezel. Maybe looking at bold colours all day is not good for the eyes! Touch ID on the keyboard is a good addition.

M1 in the iPad Pro was a fair surprise, maybe the iPad Pro will get an upgrade to macOS lol.

The TV remote does look a lot better and more functional than the current one.

Overall it was nice to see a slew of new products, new designs, and new features rather than “it’s now got a faster chip in it, but nothing else”.

A lot of good stuff. And the usual WTF, too.

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Yeah, Apple should stop their partnership with Hermés, it’s just a running joke at this point. Plus it’s all leather and I’m not a fan of that…

I do love that Touch ID is coming to the new iMac keyboards, that’s very cool.

The new iMac’s are incredible. Design and function together like never before. 24 inch is a perfect balance between the 21 and 27. The style on display in an office will be stunning. M1 is impressive. The OS with marriage of mobile and desktop makes productivity front and center. On your mobile device scroll through this iPad page for an immersive beautiful design experience. iPad Pro - Apple

Why does a desktop machine have to be thin at the expense of functionality?

As for the colours… Personally, I really couldn’t care less. If I’m dropping north of €2k on a work machine I just want it to be reliable, powerful, dependable and upgradeable. If the trajectory Apple has been on with regards to hardware for the last few years is anything to go by, the new iMac will be none of these.

I get that Apple wants their stuff to be stylish, but it used to be stylish AND all of those things. Now those things don’t even seem to be considered.

The bottom line for me: When you have to make summit in lots of different colours to give people something to talk about, you’ve lost.

My daily driver is a 2017 iMac 27. Looking around my office a few of my old iMacs are still in use, performing various ancillary tasks. Three in total dating from 2009 to 2014. My lockup has all the old ones, going back to 2006. In short, I’ve been buying iMacs for over 15 years now. I can’t see me ever buying another, as they are no longer workhorses, but expensive ornaments.

Hackintosh next for the desktop I guess.


The iPadPro with an M1 chip was a bit left-field and I still can’t quite get my head around the reasoning there, other than it being another step in the convergence of software on iPad and Mac ranges.

You’re right on the money re Mac and it’s directions.

As for me, i’m still using my Macbook Pro 17" units - 3 of them - dating from 2009 - 11, and iMac 27 (2013). And they ru’ve been running day and night for years.

i have to say that most all of the newer models do n’t have the wow factor (just a hefty price tag). I recently bought the MBP 16 running OS 11, and i’m less than impressed.

The moral of the story is stay with the older models.

Yours netc.



Well, I guess each to his own. I bought my first Mac in 1985 and have used or owned practically every model out the door. Some were disappointing and some great. My current is a 2020 Macbook Pro 13 inch with 16 gig ram and this is my favorite and best Mac ever. At every turn there is something pleasing when using it. Just yesterday I pulled out of a drawer some of the relics of the past and considered their flaws and good features. It’s quite amazing the changes through the years. Walking into another room I looked in amazement at the green iMac on a table and remember how that was the greatest Mac years ago. Then into another desk and there was the old 27 inch iMac retina display in all it’s beauty working hard trying to keep pace. I looked at its three inch fat belly in back and said “it’s time to lose some weight there fella”. Things change and life moves on. There’s no going back in tech.

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Instead of producing like a new A14X chip for the new iPad Pro, they just “reusing” the existing M1 chip. With this they only have to produce one kind of chip.

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if the colors aren’t your thing, there’s the silver imac. but what’s wrong with progress?

what functionality are you losing over the current 21" intel imac??

you get a great 24" screen, the M1 (same as in the new macbooks and the mini… but still a giant step forward). 8 or 16gb ram here is also a step forward (read about ram management on th M1). & the pricing is similar to what is is with the 21" inch intel imacs.

better camera, speakers. etc. but mostly, that M1 chip. this is tech moving forward, i don’t get what the problem is. you don’t have to buy the orange one (but if someone likes that, more power to them…)

Can the new ones have additional ram installed easily? Can you get into the guts of it to change the SSD?

My old 2010 iMac is (IMO) the near perfect machine. Easy to get into and completely upgradeable; I’ve replaced all the usual internals on it so it still flies along.

Yes, it’s not as thin as the new models, but as I say, why does a desktop need to be thin?

My 2017 iMac is a bollox to do anything to. Just getting at the SSD means running the big risk of cracking the screen. That’s nuts. But at least it’s doable. I wonder what in the new one is even replaceable? Bet most things are hardwired in so changing isn’t even an option. That’s beyond nuts.

IMO iMacs are produced with a very specific user in mind. Maybe the reception of a swanky office, maybe sitting in the corner of a trendy loft apartment. they are no longer built as long-term work solutions.

I’ll be due to replace the 2017 in a couple of years and I can’t see myself getting another iMac as they no longer seem to be produced for users like me.


replacing the ram or ssd in a mac has long been impossible, this is not new with the M1 macs.

really, am not seeing the problem. get what you need when you buy. and benefit from the great processor, screen, etc. in every way, the new imac will blow away a 2010 imac.

and if you need more storage, you can add an external drive (especially easy with a desktop mac). seems a win to me…

EDIT: i run logic pro and final cut on my 2019 21" imac. the new imac will be better in every way; far more power. same 16gb, but with the M1 memory management, more useful. a better, larger screen (in a smaller form factor). this is tech moving forward.

We Mac users are like faithful married couples. We have one source to get what we want and don’t always like what we get. It requires a bit of give and take to make the ride enjoyable anyway.

i STILL don’t get it. bump up the ram, the SSD to where you want it (or think you’d want it over the coming years), and get on with life. seems really simple…

What don’t you get? That people have a different view… seems pretty simple

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no, i don’t understand where the problem is. as with any computer, you can get what you need when you buy a new one, and then get back to work.

an opinion is liking (or not liking) the new imac. but whining about things is just… whining.

You sound like you’re whining :roll_eyes:

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ha! i thought i was commenting:rofl: