Thumbs Up For Chillidog Support

You often see on various online sites that people are more inclined to take the effort to write when unhappy with a service, but… I thought I should just give Chillidog a nod to say how pleased I am with their service. I moved to them I think nearly two years ago. Each time I have needed to contact them, in most cases just for reassurance that something I’m doing is the right or wrong method I have always had a swift and friendly response. Just yesterday I had a mishap with the Paypal auto renewal payment, support ticket in, Brian was the first to respond, then Greg followed up again afterwards, everything sorted swiftly. With my previous hosting this would have been several days back and forth trying to get a different person each time to understand what the problem was.

So thanks to Chillidog, big thumbs up, excellent service.


I agree. Chillidog are fab!

They are truly excellent.

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Adding my kudos for the high-quality support provided by Chillidog Hosing.

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Thanks! Happy Holidays and New Year!



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