Thyme Theme Not Available to Buy?

I’m interested in buying the Thyme theme, but the links on the theme page don’t work.
The buy link goes to the Realmac homepage and the preview link is dead.

Any ideas where I can preview and buy it?


Since you have bought Foundry, take a look at the pre-built projects, half the price of thyme and much more customisable.

Thanks Jay,

I had a good play with Foundry yesterday and it looks amazing, however, I’m working on RapidCart proect and there doesn’t seem to be a way to use RapidCart with Foundry.

I bought Foundry to avoid having to buy themes, and I was disappointed to find out I can’t insert RapidCart into it.

Hey Neil, why shouldn’t it be possible to use RapidCart Pro with Foundry? RCPro comes with a set of stacks to integrate the shop in any Stacks-based site. I never heard about an incompatibility with Foundry, but I may be wrong…

Hi @RapidBase,

I was struggling to get RapidCart and Foundry to work together so I started searching for a solution. I found a thread here which implies that because RapidCart is a plugin, it won’t work with Foundry.

I think it’s possible to insert a RapidCart stack on a page, but the main components from the Rapidcart plugin won’t work. But, I’m new to RapidWeaver, Foundry and RapidCart so I could be wrong too.

I’ve got to get a client site (in Russian) finished by Sunday night so I just used a theme as workaround. Then I thought about buying a better theme (Thyme), but couldn’t buy it.

Rapidcart is a plugin but has stacks elements to integrate into a Stacks page so ‘should’ work with any theme in theory. There are a few themes that have been adapted to use Rapidcart like Boutique and you can even buy it! You used to be able to buy ‘extras’ from Realmac that included the Thyme theme free but that seems to have quietly disappeared pretty recently.

As jspencer2 wrote: with the “Store” stack of RCPro you should be able to place a complete store on any Stacks page of any theme (probably including Foundry):

@jspencer2 @RapidBase I’ve been playing around with Foundry and Rapidcart after getting my client site done.
I’d like to use Foundry on the client site, even though he’s happy with what I’ve done using a theme, but I’m struggling getting the pages set up.

I can create a stacks page using Foundry and put the shop stack on the page, but I can’t get the page url set up correctly in Rapidcart.

The stacks page is called “shop”. In the inspector, the shop page is in the folder “page” with a filename of “index.php”.

I’m not sure what url to put in the Stacks Store URL in Rapidcart. Everything I try doesn’t work, and Rapidcart keeps telling me there’s an error with the url.

I’m a bit stuck now.

@NeilUK It’s ok that your shop page has a file name of “index.php” (nearly all of the pages of a site should have that name or “index.html”), but don’t use the generic folder names RapidWeaver suggests, but use more descriptive ones. Why not rename the folder named “page” also to “shop”, just like you did it with the “normal” Stacks page? Just take care that you don’t use spaces, dots or special characters in a folder name (dashes or underscores are allowed).

That said, if your domain is for example “” and you have named the folder “shop” (and the filename of the page is “index.php”) the URL for RapidCart should be “”. This should work in my opinion. Maybe you will first have to upload your site once so that RapidCart can “find” this page also online to make this error message go away, but I’m not sure since I didn’t use RCPro for some months now…

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@RapidBase Thanks for replying.

I’ve started a new thread here.

I’m pretty sure the pages are set up correctly, but it’s still not working.