Foundry + Rapidcart

I’m using Foundry and I’ve created a stacks page for the Rapidcart store. On the stacks page I have a Foundry menu and then I’ve dropped the Rapidcart store stack into the Foundry page.

I’m pretty sure I’ve set Rapidcart to use the new stack page, but when I go to the page it’s just white. However, if I view the page source, there’s some code on the page so I’m not sure what the issue is.

Has anyone ever used Foundry and Rapidcart together successfully?

Just to make sure…: you’ve already uploaded the page to a web server, right? If not, it cannot work since the RCPro Store stack tells you to do so in its help text:

Otherwise try this:

If all this doesn’t work I have no idea left…


@RapidBase I’ve managed to get it working.

I changed the shop url in Rapidcart a few times and published, but that probably isn’t the best way.

I deleted all the files manually and the re-published all files. It worked!

I’m so relieved that Rapidcart and Foundry work together.

Thanks for all your help.


@NeilUK Great to hear that you got it working. Happy weaving…! :slight_smile: