What Themes/Stacks to build the RapidWeaver's Official Webpage?

(Raymond) #1

The RapidWeaver’s official webpage mentioned it is built with RapidWeaver, I would like to build a similar webpage too, so may I ask what Themes and Stacks did they use to build the page?


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

It is built with the Foundry theme by @Elixir.

(Raymond) #3

I can’t find the Foundry theme on Elixir website…

(Michael Doepke) #4

Try https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/

(Raymond) #5

Thanks, I just checked this page, but I can’t find it… :smile:

(Jan Fuellemann) #6

It tis the framework Foundry: https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com

(Adam Shiver) #7

Foundry isn’t a theme, it is a grouping of stacks with a blank theme. That is why it is not listed in the Themes section. In fact it gets its own mention in the main navigation bar on the Elixir site…

…as well as its own site at https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com, as others have mentioned above.

(SF) #8

And it’s amazeballs!

(Raymond) #9

Very good theme, will buy it.
Honestly I think you should place it in the theme section too, I almost missed it.

(system) #10

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