Tickets on sale for Weaver's Space Conference 2016

I am very happy to announce that tickets for Weaver’s Space Conference 2016 are finally available! WSC2016 will be 3 fun filled days of learning and sharpening our web design skills. We will have a good array of topics to keep both novice and advanced users engaged. This won’t be your typical online conference.

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Looking forward to it, I’m a cocky SOB who thinks he knows everything so it’ll be refreshing to find out the correct way of doing things :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,
Do you have anyone who will be talking about branding at the conference?

I added 2 new speakers to the schedule last week! I really feel that these 2 new speakers round out the topics covered in the conference. I am so excited!

Jason Resnick - Get Better Clients

By learning to define your service, the solution you provide clients, and how to get in front of new clients, you can get the best clients and build recurring revenue for your business.

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Philip VanDusen - Personal Brand Design

Phil will highlight the 9 Elements of a Personal Brand Design Ecosystem and offer examples of good as well as not-so-good personal brand design.

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Hi @joeworkman,

I paid for the conference but ended up being unable to attend :-(. Was it recorded and is there any way of getting hold of the lectures still?

Everything was recorded and will be available soon, Joe had to work on TumblrMove hence the delay.

I will be starting the video editing today.