Weaver's Space Conference 2018 - Time to register!

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I am super stoked about the conference this year. Over the past month, the speaker lineup has really taken shape. Its going to definitely be the best one yet. The overarching theme of this conference is to help you build and grow a sustainable web design business. However, there are going to be sessions for everyone. Here is a glimpse at the sessions currently scheduled (subject to change).

  • Stacks - Markdown, Images and Partials
  • Building a Holistic Brand Strategy (for yourself and your clients)
  • Handling Subscriptions on your Websites
  • A to Z or setting up your new Website Domain
  • Thinking Outside of the Box with Total CMS
  • Black Art of Email Design
  • How to Find Your Niche
  • Facebook Marketing
  • The Legal Side of Websites
  • Better Fitness, Better Business
  • Freelancing Panel Discussion
  • The Future of Web Design with RapidWeaver
  • A few more to come…

We have simplified the pricing for the conference this year. You are purchasing a yearly pass to all Weaver Space Conference events. There is a 3 day conference Sept 7-9 and two 1 day mini-conferences that will be scheduled in the Winter and Summer 2019. You will also receive access to all session recordings for this year and all previous years. It’s a tremendous value.


I attended the full 3 days of the 2017 conference and I can not express how much I learned (absorbed) in those 3 days. In fact, I see this conference as a taste of what it’s like to be full time in the web development industry. In one word, INTENSE! Standing on the shoulders of giants, the view is amazing!

One session I will never forget was the opportunity to see and hear the developers of Rapidweaver and listen to their responses from the attendee’s questions. It really brought relevance to the experience of using this software and interacting on this forum.


WSC2018 Registrations

Email went out today to everyone that registered for WSC2018. You should now have access to all previous year’s sessions. This will give you a ton of things to learn before the conference starts in just 30 days! Exciting times…

You can login at https://sessions.rapidweaverconference.com/

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