Tiling a foundation stacks container about 15 degrees


I have a container that is effectively creating a nicely formatted letter with pictures/pic headings and body text. I would really like to place it on the page (another 1 column with a background picture) ideally it is

  1. floating over it with a shifted shadow and
  2. can be made to be narrow on wide screens but not be too narrow on skinny screens, and
  3. have a slightly curled paper corner (like a sheet of paper out of a hot laser printer) or burned paper edge, but
  4. most importantly it would be at a slight angel to the monitor so it looks like a letter that is just floating on a desk.

Is there a stack(s) that allows doing this, my google searches are not turning up anything :frowning:

Really don’t want to use a picture as I like the live moment of the pictures and body text width that I get with foundation stacks.

Thanks :slight_smile: