How schedule publishing

Is there a way to schedule publishing changes to my Rapidweaver sites? I make changes during “ordinary” hours, of course, but want to publish them in the small hours of the morning to avoid inconvenience to my “ordinary” hours users.

I’d be interested in this too… any way this could be done with Automator maybe?

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In my own research for another recent post I have (on possible ways to easily update a “large” number of sites) I began looking into using an FTP client for publishing exported site directories from RW. I’m just digging into it but OS X Automator in conjunction with iCal does seem to be able to do this (see link below). So in this scenario I would imagine a directory on your computer that you export your RW site to. Then use Automator to schedule the FTP client (Fetch in this case) to upload the contents of the local directory (your RW site) to your web server. Haven’t tried it yet but sounds plausible.


This is perfect for scheduling updates if you use the Poster stack as a blogging platform.
I wish I’d thought of this myself when I went on holiday for 6 weeks and had to use php if(time code to hide specific posts that I’d written in advance.
Next time I’m away for that length of time I could even have multiple calendar alarms syncing different export folders.

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Will add this functionality in the next major update of Poster :+1:


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