Title in index.php is too long

Hi guys,

When checking my website with Bing site scanning, it reports that for two pages, the title is too long.

I checked these pages and indeed, the title is concatenated from the Title in the general settings, with the browser Title in Meta data.

For all other pages, only the browser Title is used.
I have no idea how this is possible.
I already removed the browser Title using “cmd-a” and then “delete”, but after rewriting the browser Title, the problem arises again.

I have no idea how to solve this.

Can anyone give a clue ?



What two pages? Can you link to them? What page types are these pages in RapidWeaver?

Hello Dang,

First page is

and second one is

I just noticed that these pages have the same problem, but the text is shorter, so Bing is not giving an error:

In the title, the part after the vertical bar is what is defined in the Title in general settings. Other pages don’t have this part.

These pages are of type Stacks.

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Must be something to do with the way those pages are built, I can’t reproduce it using the same theme (Kiki) and two Stacks pages:

Are you using any third-party SEO stack that might be conflicting with RapidWeaver’s built-in SEO tools? I saw in another post you said you were using the Concierge stack. I don’t have that stack to test with, is there anything you’ve set in it differently on those two pages that you haven’t set on your other pages? Or do you have any other stack on those two pages that you don’t have on all your other pages?

Hello Dang,

Thanks for checking. The strange thing is that I also have the dutch version (NL) where this problem doesn’t occur. All three versions are based on the same dutch version that I copied and changed the text.

So I have no idea where the problem is.

Best regards,


So it’s only the French and English versions that you are seeing the problem on? If you want to send those project files and your addons folder over to us per our guide here, we can take a look to see if we can spot anything out of the ordinary.