TLS 1.2 compatibility

Is RW 8.6 supporting TLS 1.2 I’m having problems connecting with both FTP and SFTP and having a nightmare with TSOHOST support going round in circles

same here. When trying to establish an upload connection to a TLS 1.2 encrypted server over FTP the transmission is aborted - and the project crashes. Not RW itself, just the project gets stuck on the publishing window. I can’t cancel publishing, I can’t cancel backup - I can click the button, but it gets stuck there. Opening other projects and working in them works.

edit: looking into the logs of the server I can see that RW tries to connect using TLS 1.3 - which is said to have an error in a lot of implementations. Could that be the case with RW as well?

I have the same issue with both SFTP & FTP from within RW

Yesterday whilst on a support chat with TSOHOST I couldn’t connect vid Cyberduck or Filezilla directly using SFTP BUt I have been able to conenct to FTP using Filezilla directly but I don’t want that I want to be able to do this through RW itself.

Can Dan or someone from RW rule out that there may be TLS 1.2 compatibility problems or does that not come into it?

If you are NOT able to connect with SFTP with a stand-alone ftp app like FileZilla, then it’s probably something else going on(not TLS 1.2). There’s something else wrong with your settings or the hosting company setup.

TLS 1.2 specifications have been out for about 12 years now, and have been used commonly since about 2014. It might be new to your hosting company but it’s not new technology.

Being able to connect with ftp has nothing to do with TLS 1.2 or SFTP. SFTP is a totally different protocol.

@FutureBoy Hey Marc! Replied to your ticket as well, but wanted to post here as well. I’ve confirmed with Tom that ​RapidWeaver supports TLS 1.2. There may be something else at play, such as: not connecting with the correct port; a macOS keychain issue, etc.

My issue (see above) is still unsolved. I’ve tried every possible setting in the publishing dialog. TLS 1.3 in RW seems to conflict with one particular server, because I can connect (“test” tells me the credentials are valid), but I can’t upload files. When I use Transmit (which uses TLS 1.2) it does work without any problems. Why can’t you just add a button to switch between TLS 1.2 and 1.3? I am sure this would solve it.

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